Hello CRN Family and welcome to our first blog post! Since 2009, Community Resource Network has been serving the needs of people with developmental disabilities and now, we are excited to provide even more support and resources! Here we will be sharing community resources for caregivers, families and the entire disability community; up to date announcements and news; and a look inside what makes CRN so special. Starting with 5 Facts about CRN!

1. CRN has the best team

We are a company full of dependable, fun, and compassionate employees with a passion for enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities. (Be sure to follow along as we introduce you to this amazing team!)

Life Skills Instructor, Kish, smiling with Individual.

We began providing compassionate care and services in 2009 and in 2017, we expanded our services to better serve the community. Now, with more than 275 direct support providers and two life skill programs, we are helping approximately 500 people of all ages and abilities thrive at home and in the community all throughout Florida.

2. CRN offers a variety of services

 Community Resource Network is a Medicaid and Med-Waiver provider that delivers an array of support services for children, adults, and people with disabilities. We constantly advocate to medical and insurance companies, social workers and state officials and agencies on behalf of our individuals to ensure they are receiving the services they need and deserve.  Services we provide include Life Skills Program, Transportation Services, Consumable Goods, Personal Supports & more!

 3. CRN always “does the right thing” 

At the heart of everything we do is to “Do the Right Thing.” Each employee embodies not only this mantra but our core values as well- warrior, compassionate, innovate, dependable and fun!

4. CRN is Bilingual

CRN is committed to serving all Individuals and families with compassion, respect, and dignity. It’s important to us that we can support individuals and their families and serve them without having any obstacles or barriers to that support. To ensure we are achieving this goal, the majority of our team is bilingual, and even trilingual!

5. CRN is on social

You can find CRN on all social media platforms! We love to share pictures and videos of our staff, Individuals and all the great things that we do every day. Connect with us below!

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