Stories of Success

We strive to ensure each of our individuals and their families feel the love and support they deserve – but don’t just take our word for it. Below are some of the stories from our members and families that we’ve helped over the years.

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Family Members


“Their staff is very polite and helpful to resolve any matter. What I like the best is that they always make sure the person to be my caregivers someone trustful, with a good and clean background.” – Laura Rodriguez


“There are many times that CRN has been very helpful to our family. We have been blessed in so many ways and are grateful.” – Diane Tabert


“CRN is a wonderful group they are really helpful if you ever have a question just ask and they will help find the answer to your questions.” – Elizabeth Hancock



“CRN has lead to learning to communicate and be open to his circle of supports. Feels socialization and community interaction has improved a lot. And getting out of the house.” – Jesus Garcia


“CRN is a good place to come to. The staff is very understanding and educated. The staff really cares about everybody.” – Charlie White


“I really like going to Sonshine group and seeing the shirts. *Sunshine is an organization that donates time to talk to the individuals each week about respecting each other and following a caring and helpful path, they have also purchased shirts for everyone. ” – Laurie Sloan

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