Neilyn lived in Spain for several years in a city close to Barcelona. Growing up in such a cultural and cosmopolitan city helped her to understand different cultures, meet people with different backgrounds and have more empathy for families that really need help. Her first job was in a metal manufacturing company as an estimator. Working there taught her how to handle complicated situations and deadlines. She also learned how to work and deal with difficult people, which has helped in a lot of life’s situations. After working as an estimator for a year and a half, she decided that she wanted a change in life and applied at CRN where she now works at the front desk helping with phone calls and processing applications. She currently processes applications for Collier County and bilingual cases to help as many families as possible.

Neilyn enjoys traveling and visiting new places, going to the movies, watching baseball and soccer games with family and friends, and watching puppy videos.

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